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Global Sourcing

At Impress Communications, we partner with high-quality suppliers and deliver creative solutions that meet your requirements. It is extremely difficult to find a good and reliable factory overseas, we simplify the process to give you quality and on-time delivery at a compelling price. Not only do we have a vast network in China, Vietnam, and India to work with, but we stay by your side every step of the way. 


You tell us what you want and we will take care of Sourcing, Supplier Verification, Quality Control, Customs, Logistics, and Warehousing. Impress without Stress is our Motto.

Global Sourcing & Manufacturing

We find the right factory for you from our vast network in China, Vietnam and India

Supplier Verification

We do the factory proofing to make sure the factory is legitimate and produce high- quality products 

Quality Control

We have a strict Quality Control process. We do

in-depth inspections overseas and when the product arrives at our warehouse to make sure we deliver defect-free products


We take care of all the customs-related paperwork, landing costs such as fees, duties, and tariffs

Logistics & Warehousing

We store your items until you are ready to ship to your customers.We allow you to easily sync inventory with your online store

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