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Can Packaging Inserts Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Finding a new customer is nearly 25 times more expensive than retaining an old one. That is why customer loyalty is so important.

Loyal consumers are invaluable because they have developed trust, familiarity, and affinity for your business beyond pricing and branding.

Furthermore, having loyal customers can help you boost revenue by up to 95%!

Businesses are coming up with unique ideas to win and retain consumers. One of them is to make the packaging more appealing. So, it is essential that you, too, focus on more than just the box.

With nearly 40 million minutes of unboxing videos watched on YouTube, it is clear that people appreciate good packaging.”

What are Packaging Inserts?

Packaging inserts are the easiest and least expensive ways to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Adding complementary items like product samples, discount coupons, referral cards, or a personalized message helps you build an ‘intimate’ relationship with your customers.

Beauty box showing branding inserts

One of the reasons why consumers are drawn to such content is because there is a lot of psychology involved when people open a new product or purchase something new. As per a study, a gift-wrapped or well-packaged item affects how the recipient or consumer thinks about the goods. It indicates that the quality of packaging and decoration assists a consumer in determining the worth and quality of the product itself.

If you’re still wondering exactly how packaging inserts can increase customer loyalty and revenue, read on.

3 Ways Packaging Inserts Win Customer Loyalty

Helps in Target Marketing

Packaging inserts are excellent and simple marketing tools. They require minimal investment, sometimes negligible if you add personalized messages. Also, since the customer has bought an item from you, you already know that they like your products. This means you can add packaging inserts more targeted toward pleasing such customers.

Combining freebies and a thank you message can help you quickly generate brand evangelists and loyalists. Sometimes, packaging inserts work even better than newsletters and promotional emails; after all, a tangible message has a more significant impact than a digital one.

Create a Positive Impact

Packaging inserts significantly impact the customers and influence future purchasing decisions. These inserts and bespoke packaging might help you reach a specific demographic looking for edgy classiness in their goods.

Enhance Customer Retention

Packaging inserts may also help you increase client retention without splurging on relationship marketing. Include a few coupons and deals or cash-back incentives to persuade users to return to your business.

This will keep these clients returning to your website to make purchases and benefit from discounts. As a result, these individuals will ultimately become loyal customers, increasing your customer loyalty score.

For example, a naturals oil brand, Sports Research, sometimes includes inserts in the packaging promising a chance to win $100 gift cards to customers who use their hashtag on a picture or a video. This helps them create new and repeat customers and generate more revenue.

Wrapping Up

Customers today are overwhelmed with options for every single product that they want to purchase. It is clear that to survive the competition, you must stand out.

Packaging inserts offer the ‘human connection’ that people love. It shows that you care for them and are willing to go beyond the usual to give them a fantastic customer experience.

Impress Communications offers unique and personalized brand packaging solutions that help you create a unique identity for your brand. Speak to our expert designers today to create a flawless unboxing experience for your customers while incorporating sustainable practices.

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