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Different Effects in Packaging and Printing

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Packaging your product is the key to drawing in potential customers and making an impression. Visually appealing packaging contributes significantly to sales success. However, you may not realize how much it depends on the details of your packaging design. Here are a few essential statistics that stress the importance of good packaging:

Black eyeshadow pallet box highlighting embossing effect on it

  • 72% of American consumers state that a product's packaging design influences a consumer's buying decision.

  • 40% of consumers would share photos of products they believe have unique and appealing packaging.

  • 52% of consumers say they are likely to come back to a company for more purchases if they receive premium packaging.

Discover how you can enhance your packaging with different finishes and press effects here:

  • Lamination: Lamination involves the bonding of clear plastic films. Through this transparent film, the printed pieces gain strength, rigidity, and protection, thus extending their life. Moreover, lamination allows the ink colors to be intensified and brightened, further enhancing the printing. We offer lamination that is biodegradable and compostable.

  • Embossing: Embossed packaging is created by physically raising certain packaging surfaces. Your packaging will look and feel more luxurious and intricate with embossing. It implies that extra care and effort have been put into your packaging, which increases the appeal of your product and the trust you have with your customers. As an eco-friendly packaging option, this process requires no additional materials, making it a green design solution. The two main types of embossing are:

1. Sculpted Embossing: By varying the shape of features of a design, one can make them appear sharp or rounded. To depict definition and texture realistically, sculptured subjects are precisely rendered. Embellishments that are sculpted are often handcrafted.

2. Registered/Blind Embossing: Blind embossing produces a distinctive three-dimensional design by stamping a metal die on paper without ink, resulting in a dimensional image. This method works perfectly for creating contemporary and cutting-edge artwork designs.

  • Registered/Blind Debossing: A debossing impression lowers parts of the package's surface, resulting in depression. A flat surface becomes a three-dimensional space as a result of these processes. It enhances the texture or character, allowing it to really stand out to consumers when placed on a shelf.

  • Hot Foil Stamping: A metal plate is imprinted with the desired design required for the particular application in the hot foil stamping. After striking the substrate, the metal plate transfers the foil to the part of the paper that needs to appear metallic. As a result, the paper has a highly reflective image with a bright and dense appearance.

For instance: Crude Raw Chocolates uses the Hot Foil Stamping method, thus giving the luxurious metallic hot foil effect on raw cardboard, the result being an eye-gripping packaging.

  • Spot UV: Spot UV pattern is often used to highlight a specific area of a printed piece, such as a logo placed over the spot UV area, so only the logo is glossy. A specialty printing technique used to differentiate brands and products, Spot UV is one of many used to create impactful packaging. This technique increases the perceived quality of printed items, just like lamination does.

  • Reticulating Varnish: Varnishes are similar to inks in terms of consistency and application. The reticulating strike-through varnish gives matte areas a more textured and less uniform look. The gloss coating separates and beads up because of the reticulating varnish.

Ending Note

Your brand can stand out with special effects on the packaging. The experience is something tangible the customers can feel. The experience is memorable. However, first testing the special effects packaging is a great way to approach it. Test a small number of users with a small run and see the reaction. Professional help can work wonders here.

Impress Communications is a full-service packaging solutions provider with the workforce, resources, and capabilities to support clients across several industries. The most important aspect of Impress Communications' branded packaging solutions is its innovative designs.

The company strives to provide a flawless unboxing experience for every customer while incorporating sustainable practices.

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