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Do's and Don'ts of Creating a Great Unboxing Experience

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It is a closed PR box next to open PR box

How would you like your customers to feel when they receive and unbox your product?




All the above?

With the proliferation of eCommerce and social media, you need more than just a box to create an unboxing experience that's truly unforgettable. Modern brands are getting innovative and creative with product packaging to create a sense of exclusivity that's inherently desirable to consumers. Bespoke packaging, branded boxes, attractive inserts, and free samples are just a few ways to influence post-purchase behavior and encourage repeat business.

Consumer Insights by “Think with Google”

The amount of time people have spent

watching unboxing videos just on

their phones are equivalent of

watching the holiday classic

"Love Actually" more

than 20 million times.

Perhaps incorporating custom packaging solutions might seem like an additional expense to most business owners, especially if you are starting out. However, it can deliver a powerful opportunity to increase revenue through brand recognition, repeat customers, recommendations, and more if done right.

In this blog post about how to create an unforgettable unboxing experience, we explain some do's and don'ts that would keep your product in your customer's minds long after they've tossed the box.


Focus on Branding. You want your customers to recognize the package instantly, and this can only be achieved if you have opted for customized/branded packaging solutions. Each fold of the box should scream your brand ethos, mission, and vision in a clear format that creates brand awareness and lasting connections.

Go Sustainable. Your customers expect you to put the planet first in today's era. As climate change is a problem that isn't going away, there's never been a more important time to consciously consider sustainability when choosing design and material.

Add a Personal Touch. Your customers would love to know that you appreciate their decision to choose your brand over others. Adding a thank you card or handwritten note with the customer's name or perhaps a special offer for the next purchase would boost the perception of your brand.


Don't Complicate the Design. An experienced custom packaging designer will not let you make this grave mistake. Adding unnecessary layering to the product packaging that complicates the unboxing process will only agitate your customers. Instead, keep it simple and classy.

Don't Overdo Branding. Contrary to popular advice, we'd advise you to keep the branding minimal as much as possible. This also means knowing the right spots, cuts, and creases for logo and message placement so your customers can enjoy the experience without feeling distracted.

Don't Waste Space. When it comes to custom packaging solutions, every inch matters. Customers don't appreciate receiving a small bulb box in an oversized corrugated box and vice-versa. So be very responsible in your approach with size and material fit.

The Best Unboxing Experience Differentiates Your Brand

It has been proven that visual stimuli have the most significant impact on a person's purchase behavior and general loyalty to a brand. In addition, customers simply love to talk about their purchase experiences, and adding attractive packaging becomes a vital weapon to inspire post-purchase conversations.

The excellent news about custom branded packaging is that you can implement it in your marketing strategy without making significant changes to your product and operations. With an in-depth understanding of the target customer and a little design experience, building a memorial unboxing experience is something you can start doing right away - or hire experts to do it for you.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our packaging showcase to see how the industry's best brands are packaging their products.

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