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Why is Custom Packaging so Important for Brands?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Branded opened corrugate box next to branded corrugate closed box

We dress up nicely for dates, job interviews, family celebrations, and so many other important occasions that truly leave an impression on our lives and the people around us. It’s all about making an excellent first impression, and you have already won half the battle. The same goes for branding and marketing. To create a first good impression on customers and stay on top of their minds, it’s imperative to invest in packaging solutions that stir emotions. You can only be a successful brand if it becomes a part of living room conversations, and the right kind of packaging can help you attain that.

As per studies, 70% of consumers create their first impression of any product based solely on how it is packaged. An attractive packaging holds the key not only to successfully marketing a product but also helps positively change its perception in people’s minds.

Below are some other interesting facts related to packaging -

  • 55% of online shoppers say they will go back to a website if the purchase comes in customized packaging.

  • 63% consider product packaging almost as important as the brand itself.

  • 52% of customers say they might consider paying a little more if they like the packaging.

The following reasons explain in depth why custom packaging is essential for your brand and why you should consider it -

Highlight your USP - Everyone is looking for something familiar yet unique. Customized packaging differentiates your brand from the rest, appeals visually to your customers, and increases their loyalty to your brand. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to communicate your brand’s mood, agendas, and vision that instantly create connections.

Adds to the Customer Experience - Marketing and business are about customer experience. The better customer experience you can give, the more customers you attract. Let us be honest — if you receive a product in a boring paper bag, it will be a kind of mood spoiler. However, if the product is received in a high-quality custom box, the customer will be satisfied.

Increased Social Media Reach - eCommerce sales are predicted to hit $4.5 trillion worldwide by the end of 2021, which means branded packaging can be an effective way of differentiating your product in the increasingly crowded online marketplace. In most cases, social media triggers the success journey for brands. People love watching unboxing videos, and the fact that there has been an 871% increase in such videos on YouTube demonstrates this. The unboxing experience is the type of user-generated content influenced by branded delivery packaging.

Convey important information - In ordinary packaging, the customer does not know anything about your company. The product will mostly have product-related information. However, when you do custom packaging, it gives you the option to tell your customers about your company. For example, you can let them know you are an environmentally conscious company, and the packaging is 100% eco-friendly. You can tell them how the packaging box is created and your efforts to keep the planet safe. Many brands make a point to reflect their vision of using 100% recycled materials in their packaging.

There are plenty of options - When you invest in custom packaging, you can think beyond boxes. There are poly-mailers, heavy-duty shippers, cartons, etc. Of course, the final decision would depend on several factors, pricing being the most important factor, but the impact you create with innovative and sustainable materials will last long.

Optimizing Shipping Cost - You know your business better than anyone else. For a business that floats on thin margins, shipping products in bulky boxes can be havoc to the bottom line. Custom packaging allows you to control the size and structure of boxes, significantly bringing down the shipping cost.


Custom product packaging communicates your brand and product values to your customers. It is as important as the product itself, and without it, products tend to blend in with the rest of the market. Providing customized packaging is essential to building a brand and a loyal customer base. In addition to this, it can also help optimize operational cost and efficiency that would automatically positively impact the bottom line.

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