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It is Lithrone S40P Printer

8 Color LITHRONE S40P - Flipper

One of North America's first H-UV presses, pioneering green print technology, and next-generation high-efficiency, low-energy printing.


  • Inline Aqueous Coating (AQ) and H-UV ink capabilities on both sides

  • Maximum sheet size 28" x 41"

  • Print up to 8 colors + AQ or H-UV on one side in one pass

  • Print up to 4 colors + AQ or H-UV on both sides in one pass


Saves energy and resources, reduces harmful chemical substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during printing and reduces noise. The Lithrone

S 40P is an environmentally responsible press.

  • No powder pollution

  • No ozone emission

  • No heat emission

  • Reduction of paper waste

  • Highest productivity and print quality, even with the most delicate and difficult substrates

6 Color LITHRONE SX 29 - Sixth Sense 

Handle standard UV and a variety of specialty inks, along with the ability to print on unique substrates like plastic, styrene, vinyl, and foil paper.


  • Full-APC Automatic Plate Changer and the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) achieve very short makeready and significantly reduce paper waste.

  • Improved register accuracy thanks to Full-APC’s incorporation of a plate-clamping design that eliminates the need for a bending unit.

  • Improved basic performance in print quality and competence areas with a range of paper thicknesses and unique options that enable in-line added value printing.

It is Lithrone SX 29 Press sitting in a big warehouse
It is SP 104BM Foil Cutter sitting in a warehouse

BOBST - The Multitasker

A single machine that will satisfy both your hot foil stamping and die-cutting customers but can also help you build up an order book of foiling work while using it day-to-day as a die-cutter.

  • Accurate register at full running speed for matchless quality of finished product

  • Heated upper beam for superb foiling quality

  • Hologram application technology

  • Quick change from foiling to die-cutting

  • Virtually no stops due to foil breaks

  • Dedicated system for effective production-data management

BOBST NOVACUT - Empowering Flexibility

When our clients need to meet unusual product challenges at a moment’s notice, having the equipment to get the job done is vitally important.  NOVACUT  gives access to world-leading technology that delivers excellence without compromise.

  • World-leading technology

  • Operator-friendly, efficient, versatile

  • Great product quality ensuring customer satisfaction

  • High level of automation for more uptime

  • Simple, quick and accurate job repetitions

  • Excellent performance 

It is NOVACUT Press

iGen 5 Press

iGen Press is populated by the most innovative, forward-thinking technology in the industry, creating an ingenious digital press. It supports the Orange, Green, and Blue Gamut Extension colors and White, Clear, and Fluorescent Yellow Dry Inks to create differentiation with high-value digital print enhancements.

  • Thick Stock Capability for high caliper media up to 24 pt/610 microns

  • Acoustic Transfer Assist uses sound waves to embed toner into media

  • Xerox® Print Inspect Solution for 100% inspection of every page

  • Booklet Making, Cutting, Slitting, and Folding, Lay Flats, Stacker​

  • Coated, uncoated, textured, specialty stocks

It is iGen Digital Printer. Warehouse in the background
It is Iridesse Press in a large room with paper sheets and table next to it.

Iridesse Press - Beyond Color

Get a “wow” impact through digital specialty enhancements. Xerox Iridesse Production Press combines the value of highly-automated, agile digital production with exceptional image quality and jaw-dropping embellishment effects, making it easier to unleash the potential of print and achieve remarkably brilliant results.

Jaw-dropping embellishment effects

  • Rainbow of Iridescent effects

  • Layer Metallic + Clear effects

  • Layer Metallic + White effects

  • Metallic swatches and effects

  • Virtually limitless SPECIALTY possibilities

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