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We create a fully integrated brand strategy, design, photography, video production, web development, print, packaging, and collateral solutions—all under one roof. We work closely with you to understand your customers' unique needs and wants—partnering collaboratively to deliver consistent visuals and messaging across a spectrum of mediums.

Structural Design

The designer develops, draws sketches for eco-packaging, cardboard boxes.

The packaging structure needs to support the creative design element while also being functional and practical. Even though both packaging structure and creative design are two separate elements in packaging but by no means both can operate completely independently. Our highly qualified packaging engineers pay attention to the critical details and produce packaging that is innovative, functional, sustainable, and structurally sound.  

3D Renderings

3d rendering of a trio lipgloss box

3D rendering allows you to create digital, realistic snapshots of packaging that aren’t built or completed yet. 3D renderings offer designers a good sense of how various packaging and product components would be put together. Custom 3D product rendering gives you a more realistic look, and it is a great way to get your product past the concept phase and into development. With our rapidly advancing technology, we can create a 3D render of just about anything imaginable. 


laptop with photography equipment, camera, tripod, and flash

Our talented team of photographers, lighting experts, set designers, and product stylists work closely to capture stunning shots that make your products stand out. Our art director closely works with the product stylists to develop the perfect look for your next photoshoot. The experts in our color department can easily color correct or add special effects to your images, creating a finished product that exceeds our client's expectations. Our digital workflow allows clients to see their products come to life on screen, in real-time

Graphic Design

 brand designer sketch graphic drawing on work tablet concept

Impress Communications can help you establish your brand identity across mediums. Not only do we create a look that gets noticed, but we also collaborate with our clients to develop branding and marketing strategies that differentiate them from competitors and help extend their brands into new markets. We balance the design process with inspiration and functionality from corporate identities to progressive package design, producing clear innovative communications.

Color Management 

Print Spectrophotometer color measurement device

We know that each customer's color needs are unique, and each job has its requirements. We have a full-time color manager and color management room. Our dedication to color management is unmatched. Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions, we offer a wide array of print production services along with top-notch equipment to ensure the precise tone and color of your piece are captured.


tv camera at sporting event

Stand out from the competition by using this powerful marketing tool - Video. We will take your idea to the next level by telling your story with a video. A video puts a face to a name and allows an audience to see the genuine nature of your business and offers. Our talented team will create the right strategy and content for your customers. Use it to introduce your brand to newcomers, educational info for your existing customers, answer your website questions, or just to make them laugh. Create a positive and long-lasting impression.

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