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Grid of boxes made with tree-free paper board - low opacity

Savvy, Sustainable Packaging


We Care About Our Planet. 

When you use our services, you can rest assured that you are making a sustainable choice. The materials we use are biodegradable and completely fluorocarbon, chlorine, and dye-free. Our coatings are made from food-safe white pigments, calcium carbonate, and kaolin. (clay mineral)

What is Tree-Free™ Packaging?

Instead of cutting down trees to make the packaging board, we use alternative rapidly renewable resources including sugarcane fiber (bagasse). Bagasse is the waste product of sugarcane processing after the sugar has been extracted and the stalk is juiced. Bagasse can be harvested every 9-12 months and is traditionally burned. Instead of burning bagasse, we pulp it into Tree-Free™ paper and board!

Grid of boxes made with tree-free paper board

We have been in the packaging industry for more than 40 years. Sustainability has always been a priority for us. Today, we are committed to making our company operations cleaner and greener to preserve the beauty of the world around us.


Our mission is to empower brands with innovative, sustainable, and custom-tailored packaging solutions designed to optimize connections with maximum impact and returns.

Best Green Solution in the Printing Industry

Tree-Free Paper Sourcing 

Today’s consumers are smart. They look for products that align with their values and sustainable packaging has an important role to play. Impress is proud to source complete tree-free paper. Instead of burning bagasse (sugarcane waste), we pulp it into Tree-Free™ paper and board! The materials we use are biodegradable and completely fluorocarbon, chlorine, and dye-free.

Eco-Friendly VOC Free Ink

VOC is a chemical  that can contribute to global warming and be harmful to the health of print workers if not properly managed. Impress' inks are made with 100% vegetable oil and it's VOC free. Our Inks are high-intensity and comply with GRACol printing standards. It offers high print contrast, water tolerance, outstanding gloss, and fast setting times. All inks, coatings, and glues are Prop65 compliant.

Energy Efficient Printers

Impress developed one of North America’s first H-UV Komori (High-Efficiency UV) presses. 
Pioneering green technology and next-generation high-efficiency, low-energy printing. Komori press reduces electricity usage and CO2 emissions by over 75%. 


  • No powder pollution

  • No ozone emission

  • No heat emission

  • Reduction in paper waste 

Tree-Free Stock

Natural Finish









In 2020-2021, we saved:

Wind Turbines
Turned on light bulb with small plant inside it


energy (KWH)


Impress has delivered significant reductions in waste, water, energy in day to day operations

  • We promote and encourage proper recycling

  • We pick up clients’ outdated print material for proper recycling and disposal

  • Production processes eliminated excessive “make-ready” sheets

  • Customized web-based ordering systems for clients; just-in-time ordering and printing, PDF proofing, and electronic communications save time, maximize the use of resources, and streamlined client production processes

  • The maintenance team collects and sorts all trash to maximize trash reduction

  • Onsite crusher devours 150,000 pounds of recyclable production waste and office paper every month

  • Innovative ink dispensing systems dispense ink from cassettes to significantly minimize wasted ink and eliminate the need for special disposal handling. [NOTE: With this system, we use every drop. Because there is no residue, we can simply replace the paper canisters when empty.]

  • We recycle outdated electronics and office equipment

  • We collect and recycle all aluminum printing plates

  • We repurpose wooden shipping pallets reuse all boxes and packaging materials

  • We re-mill and recycle excess ink to create reusable black ink

Our Green Partners

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